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Our Spokane SEO Consulting Offers Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Solutions for Your Web Site


Okay, you've got a website, and are now wondering "how do I get my customers to find my site?" Not just any customers, but targeted customers, the ones that are ready to buy my products or services?

That's where Search Engine Marketing and Optimization come in. To get a better grasp of how everything interrelates, understand that SEO is a part of SEM....



Rule #1 - The overall Goal of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is to drive or bring targeted traffic to your site.


Our SEO Consulting Process involves these steps:

1) The review of your website from an SEO perspective.

2) Research of your market niche, keyword phrases, and competition analysis.

3) Strategic planning of how to best go after your market with the data we have gathered.

4) On Site SEO Modifications and Structural Improvements Based on Our Planning.

5) Creation and addition of appropriate value content.

6) Acquisition of targeted relevant links.

7) Ongoing analytics of search engine rankings and web site visitor actions.

The Review of Your Website From an SEO Perspective

As with any journey, it's best to know your starting point and your destination so you can come up with a good plan of action. So, we start with a review of your web site from an SEO perspective. We do a thorough analysis of your on site SEO, where you rank now with the search engines, as well as getting a profile of your current back links.

Research of Your Market Niche, Keyword Phrases, and Competition Analysis

This is the meat grinder portion of our SEO consulting work. It is where we dive in and dissect the market, find and analyze your competition, discover targeted keywords and search queries along with multiple variations, and get a thorough understanding of your market niche. By the time we are finished we will have keyword categories determined, as well as keyword phrase traffic and competition all laid out. Although keyword research will continue based on our future analytics data, this comprehensive baseline research is at the foundation of our planning

Strategic Planning of How to Best Go After Your Market With the Data We Have Gathered

Having all the information on your competition as well as the best search terms to optimize your site for now laid out in front of us we can now move forward with the strategic SEO planning. Implementing this planning will involve choosing from a broad range of tools and tactics including on site and off site SEO and Search Engine Marketing strategies.

On Site SEO Modifications and Structural Improvements Based on Our Planning

Under ideal situations all the above work is done before a web site is designed. The reality though is that most will put together a website and later come around to realizing the importance of having all the on site SEO and structural issues corrected with the help of an SEO consultant so that the Search Engines rank their site higher organically instead of having to buy traffic. So, this is where we start making the changes, including to navigation, categories, url and file structure, headings and title changes, alt image tags, new meta data, and more. Most of this can be done relatively easily. Each situation is different, however, and some sites will need work done with site architecture in order for the search engines to more easily crawl the site.

Creation and Addition of Appropriate Value Content

To rank well in your market for a given keyword term your content should be unique and offer the visitor something of value, either in knowledge, pleasure, or satisfaction in some fashion. You want them to not only remember your site, but to come back, and also to hopefully bookmark that page and tell others about it. That's the human side of the equation. But, the search engines need to be fed too, so the page should have all the SEO elements in the content, whether it is a relatively static page, or a post to a blog. Always keep in mind that the search engines are in competition with each other for web users to like using their search engine. Ranking your website high in the results because of all the seo work being done well, but having people bounce right off your site once they arrive indicates to the search engines that they should rethink your high ranking for that term. Your giving valued content to the searcher is a good way to KEEP the search engine rankings you get. Good content is key. As part of our SEO consulting we can discuss with you various ways to get good content for your site.

Acquisition of Targeted Relevant Links

To many, this is kind of the secret sauce to SEO...i.e. how to get the right quantity and quality of links. What is not a secret though, is that the web is just that, a web of links. How many links? Are the links valuable and from trusted sources? Are they from high PR (page rank) or relevant sites? Some links will get you value, some will get you traffic, the best links will get you both. Having earlier analyzed your competition, we will have a good idea as to the quality and quantity of links you need to become a dominant player for your market. As your SEO consultant, we will discuss with you a program that best utilizes your budget to get the right links to do the job.

Ongoing Analytics of Search Engine Rankings and Web Site Visitor Actions

Okay, now that we have done all this work, we need to monitor what happens and react accordingly. So, we monitor visitors actions, where they come from, how long they stay on the site, what pages they visit, and more. We also discover new search terms that people have used to find that particular page. All this constantly flowing incoming data gives us extremely valuable information that we can use to get more and better targeted customers that take the kind of action we want for your site.

So, can our SEO Consulting help your business? We think so. First, we offer a free initial SEO consultation to find out how we can meet your needs. Then, if you decide that we can, then you can choose between our SEO Consulting Services on a per hour basis or on a flat fee affordable project basis, Contact us at our Spokane, WA office to get started with our Spokane SEO Consulting now.