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Site Structure and Content is Critical. Unique content based on keyword research of your niche and competition, along with good link structure and meta information are your first goals. We can either do it for you, or you can do it yourself and we can help you with our SEO Consulting Services.

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  8. These Services listed to the left are only a partial list of what we offer, but they do reflect some of our specialties. In the case of some, like Social Media we have partnered with one of the leading Social Media Agencies in the U.S. to combine their cutting edge expertise with our local knowledge.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)...what's the difference?

SEM is the aggregate of various website marketing efforts aimed at increasing traffic (the number of visitors) to your website from search engines through Search Engine Visibility. Search Engine visibility is determined by the position of your site in the search engine results for certain keywords when people type those particular keywords in their search box.

Generally this Search Engine Visibility is achieved through two SEM methods:

a) Search Engine Optimization for organic SEO (i.e. non paid for) listings. (SEO is therefore a part of SEM.)

b) Bid Management for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and other paid inclusion listing models. (Bid Management is also part of SEM.)

SEM then uses Web Analytics (for both types of listings) for effective cost management. (Web Analytics is also part of SEM.)

More Details on SEO, Bid Management, and Web Analytics:

Search Engine Optimization is about changing the HTML code of your pages and the structure of your site in a way that when a Search Engine robot reads the site, it can understand that the pages have valuable content related to your keywords, and then rank them high. SEO also deals with ways to increase your link popularity - the number of links from other high-ranked pages to your site. This is important because most search engines consider your link popularity a vital ranking factor.

PPC or Bid Management is about controlling bids, i.e. the amount of money you spend maintaining your visibility in the sponsored (or paid) search result listings. Usually you try to detect the best converting keywords and keyword groups, in order to increase bids on them, as well as decrease or take off bids on keywords that don't break even (i.e. bring you customers at a profit.) With website marketing, attention also should be paid to balancing your paid and organic listings, so you will know to spend less on paid advertising campaigns when you get enough traffic from organic SEO, and invest in paid advertising when Search Engines change their ranking algorithms or strong competitors force you out from the top positions in the organic listings.

It should also be noted that when SEO is done correctly for organic SEO results before investing in paid listings, often times you won’t need to pay as much for a higher PPC placement in a particular keyword as another business who hasn't set up their website for search engine optimization as well on that particular keyword. The reason for this is simply that search engines want to make sure that people who search through their search system find what they are looking for easily. If they can, then those people are more likely to use that search engine again and not switch to a different search engine. So, if your site has better organic SEO structure and content than another site, then often the search engine will not charge you as much for a particular ad placement position on that keyword in order to provide their users a better, more satisfying search experience.

This means that any initial effort invested in organic SEO can not only get you higher rankings in the natural listings, but can also help you to get better rankings for less money should you choose to go for PPC advertising. This is particularly true for Google, the dominant search engine, and is why Google optimization of your website is so important.

Web Analytics is about getting, analyzing and using the information about your visitors, their details, their behavior on your site, the ways they have found your site, the efficiency of referrers and advertising, conversion rates, and, together with all that, eCommerce information.

In summary, this is how SEM, SEO and Web Analytics combine to help your website business:

1. They improve Search Engine Visibility and get you more traffic by achieving higher " organic SEO rankings" with the Search Engines..
2. They Improve the traffic quality by getting those high rankings for exactly those keywords that bring visitors with the best conversion rate...and for less money.
3. They manages and decreases expenditures on paid inclusion models by switching off advertising for underperforming keywords.

Once we know your goals and establish a plan of action, we begin with Search Engine Optimization. First we establish a baseline so that we know how your website is viewed by the search engines before we get started with improvements. To do this we will perform several analysis’ which will include:

-Reviewing all the meta information as well as content on your site.

-A review of your site's keywords, as well as Page Analysis for those keywords on your main pages.

-A check on how your site is ranked on all the major search engines with the keywords you have been using.

-A review of your site's backlinks.

-A review of who is your strongest competition for those same keywords in the eyes of the search engines.

-Then we will dive much deeper into Keyword analysis and find keywords that will give you more and better targeted traffic results. (This deep keyword research is at the heart of what will generate your new targeted traffic. )

-In addition to reporting all the above information, we will then suggest the major content changes that will benefit your site in regard to organic SEO. (Since we are not your webmaster, we don’t however do the actual content or code revision, but we will run your updated pages through our testing software to check your new websites pages before submitting your website to the search engines for recrawling.)

Once your website is fully optimized and resubmitted, we will take SEM beyond this initial phase of Seach Engine Optimization. It is now time to put your new keyword phrased website on the Search Engines map...with good quality keyword targeted back links. This is Key. After all, the Web is just that... a web of links. We now establish your site to have links that show the search engines that you are the source to rank highly for those keyword phrases. Page One is what we are shooting for here. With many SEM link building strategies available to us, we will determine and implement the best methods to employ to improve your organic seo visibility for your particular keyword phrases.

Because organic search results are often perceived as more trustworthy than paid listings by searchers on the internet, as well as the fact that organic seo listings are longer lasting, this is where we like to start. Given the opportunity to utilize our website marketing techniques, we often will get organic listings high and dominant enough to satisfy your goals and we may not need to do paid advertising at all. Unless you are under strict time constraints and just need traffic fast with paid listings, give us the chance first to tackle the organic seo side of the equation. This could save you a lot of future advertising dollars.

Paid listings do in fact generate traffic extremely quickly, but you can spend a lot of money fast if your PPC account is not set up and monitored correctly. When the time comes, we can handle all of this for you on any of the search engines you would like to work with...and then with Web Analytics we can help track down and manage profitable keyword advertising positions, and of course balance those paid ad expenditures with the organic seo traffic you are getting.

Website Marketing Services

We can also provide website development services to create a simple but effective website presence for your small business. If you don't already have a website presence and your funds are limited, this service can put you on the map, tying in organic SEO, SEM, and Social Media for a complete start up package.

Website Marketing Services with a Social Media Strategy:

As the popularity of social media grows at a phenomenal rate, all businesses need to make it a part of their website marketing strategy. The use of social media can be very beneficial to all sizes and types of companies to find new customers, find out what is being said about their business, learn from their customers, get free customer reviews, advertise online offers, and market products..

These Social Media efforts can be very time consuming and that's where we can help. Jett Advertising can be your Social Media Team. We'll identify your goals and objectives, then develop a social media strategy plan. We'll identify the right tools to reach your targeted audience. Next, through the use of Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube we will establish your identify, target the right consumer audience and communicate your important information to build relationships. Then we'll report on a regular basis to show you where you are with all of these efforts.

Why should you engage in a Social Media Strategy as part of your Website Marketing Plan? Here's why it's so important:

Website marketing with Blogs:

Blogs help consumers learn. Through commenting on your blog articles, you will learn more about your consumers and what they are looking for. Blog reads are your leads. Your blog can be used to reach leads who can turn into customers. Your Blog can also be used as a Press Release platform to market products.

Blogs increase your company's visibility. Quality content is consistently linked by other bloggers. If your ideas or products are interesting and become popular they can go viral with very little effort on your part.

Consumers would rather buy from a friend than a stranger. Blogging gives your business life because customers prefer to deal with businesses they are familiar with, knowing who is behind the products.

Blogs provide immediate feedback. You will receive instant feedback on your products or services. Your readers are your best leads and their feedback is very important. Knowing what your customers think about you provides the ability to react quickly.

We will set up and manage your Blog. Our copywriting expertise allows us to write your articles and post them professionally, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

Website marketing with Twitter:

What is Twitter? Twitter is a communication service where short messages (140 character max) can be posted and viewed by people who choose to Follow you. Messages can be transmited from your desktop or your mobile phone.

Twitter helps businesses stay connected to their customers. Businesses can use this media to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with your customers, partners and other people who care about your company. Individual users can use Twitter to tell your company (or anyone else) that they have had a great—or disappointing—experience with your business, offer product ideas, and learn about your newest offers.

With Twitter, you can be connected to your customers instantly, in a way that was never before possible. Right now on Twitter there could be someone searching for your brand, or you may find people posting messages about how happy they are with your products and services. Another benefit of being involved with Twitter is that it gives you the ability to hear about complaints regarding your business in real time. With this feedback, you can react quickly before a bad situation turns even worse.

Casual communication is also a big benefit. Chat with customers on their terms, creating friendly relationships along the way. This is a tough thing to do for companies with most other communication mediums.

Build relationships with customers in Twitter and it will shrink the emotional distance between you and them.

You may have heard before that businesses can thrive with a good targeted customer list. Well, with Twitter you can build that list so fast it can make your head spin...if you know what you are doing. Even better it can be set up so that your Facebook posts automatically get sent to Twitter.

No time to tweet? We'll tweet for you. Following the right demographic depending on your business model and making sure your interactions are timely can be a full time job. We provide professional Twitter services for you, representing you and providing the real-time feedback you need to be successful without needing a full time employee.

Website marketing with Facebook:

There are over 750 million users on Facebook. Many businesses are currently reaching and engaging customers through Facebook. Large corporations all the way down to the corner restaurant are building social marketing strategies that leverage the strengths of Facebook to drive sales for their businesses.

Your company's Facebook Page can become the “hub” of your Facebook marketing presence. Facebook users can then become "fans" of your company or product. Once they become fans, your name and logo will appear on their profile page and your name will appear in their profile feed. By doing this, more users will be able to discover your Facebook Page through their friends’ profiles and Facebook searches, and your Page popularity can grow “virally”. Additionally, Facebook Pages rank very highly in Google search results, and this will boost your SEO rankings.

We can set up and manage your Facebook business Page for you or we can set you up to work with one of the top Social media Agencies in the United States. Whichever path you choose to fit your budget, utilizing Facebook ensures a constant presence to connect with your customers.

Website marketing with LinkedIn:

LinkedIn has over 200 million members.

Using LinkedIn increases your visibility and is particularly good at making B 2 B connections. By additing connections to others in the business world you increase the chances that others will see your profile when they are looking for someone to do business with. Having a LinkedIn profile helps to improve your Google PageRank as well. The LinkedIn system makes profile information available for search engines to index. These profiles receive a high Page Rank in Google so they influence what people see when they search for you. To see this in action just Google ' Pete Jett ' and you will likely see two linked in results towards the top, even above Facebook.

Promote your blog or website to Google and Yahoo. Your profile allows you to promote your websites under "My Website," "My Company".

Determine the health of another company or competitor. Searching through LinkedIn allows you to check the rate of turnover and whether employees are abandoning ship.

Determine the health of an industry. Thinking of diversifying your product line or services? It may be beneficial to see how other companies are doing that are marketing these products or services.

LinkedIn can help your business. Jett Advertising can help you create and manage your LinkedIn profiles to ensure other businesses and potential customers see you at your best.

Website 'Web Video marketing' with YouTube and other video sites:

The last, but certainly not the least, method of Website Marketing we love to use is SEO web video marketing. As an example, YouTube is one of the top sites on the internet today and more than 4 Billion videos are viewed on a daily basis according to Forbes as of January 2012, over a year ago. According to Wikipedia, visitors to YouTube spend an average of fifteen minutes a day on the site. Since the YouTube platform provides an easy way to host your business's videos it is a great way to display your products and services as well as a super fast way to have the search engines pay attention to you.

Using YouTube to show off your company's events, products, or service is very easy to do and reap benefits from. Let the public get to know the interesting stories of how you started your business, the trials and tribulations through the years and where you are now. It will add a personal touch that makes a connection.

In todays world, video " pictures" definitely are worth a thousand words. Withour web video marketing and Ranking services you can showcase your products and services to the world. How can we help? We'll help you create the video and promote them to accelerate your Search Engine Optimization efforts. The Search Engines like...well, actually they content. It tends to get indexed quickly and can be a fast way to build keyword rich inbound "backlinks" to your site. This is a powerful link building technique and we are set up to quickly post your videos to many video sites...not just YouTube. And if you show your videos on your website, this fresh engaging content keeps people on your site longer, reducing your "bounce" factor... another great signal to Google that your site is what people like to see. The result? Google will rank your site higher because their stats show that people like your site once they are on it.

As part of our Video Promotion and Marketing our web video marketing team customizes each posting to optimize it for SEO. The result. We get it seen. If you are a local business we will even get it submitted to many of the local directories to help sell your business to your prospective customers.

In summary, when it comes to Website Marketing Services, Organic SEO, and SEM, Reputation Marketing, Social Media and more, it is smart business to use strategies that catch current trends and get results. Our Spokane, WA based SEO company will help you make those decisions and implement those strategies.