Bar None, Google+ Local Pages is Where You Need To Be Found If You Have A Local Business

Google is still the 800 pound Gorilla in the search engine world, and although Yahoo and Bing are making inroads, you need to be in Google Plus Local... period. Remarkably we still find businesses all the time that even after years of free business listings being available, have not yet claimed their Google Plus Local listing.

But, claiming it is one thing. It is entirely another thing getting your Google+ Local listing optimized as well as taking care of all the other things that can get you onto page one for your most desired search terms for your market niche. The process we go through is grueling, and it usually takes three months to complete all the work and before we see the best results. But results can start to happen within a month for some of your targeted terms, and once you are on the first page for several of your terms you definitely see dramatic changes to your inbound web traffic... with targeted leads that convert.

Our Google+ Local package isn't just about Google

Although Google is our main focus, in the process to get there we get you listed on dozens of the top search engines and usually add you to 100 to 200 more directories that Google trusts. They figure if you are on those listings with your Business Name, Address, and Phone number all the same, then you must be pretty reliable in the local community. After all, giving searches on their search platform the best results is what Google wants to deliver. So, if you can prove to them by their algorithm that your business is one of those, well you get onto page one. It is really that simple. But, taking care of the fine details that give the extra ranking juice to get to those spots at the top of the page one listings is something that we specialize in. Want proof? Well, as you can imagine we don't go around showing our work to just anyone that asks. After all, our competitors would love to figure out how we are getting such great results. Plus, we do have confidentiality agreements with most of our clients. We have managed on occasion, however, to convince some clients to allow us to show their results. So, just contact us so that we can provide that proof.

How Do I Start Getting Better Google+ Local Rankings?

First - You need to know where you stand now in your local market. To find out how you rank now for some of the best terms in your local niche on Google, we provide a free ranking report service to local businesses. Just enter your phone number into our custom software at

Second - After you learn all the good info there, it is very simple... give us a call or email us so that we can answer any remaining questions you have to get you started with our Google+ Local rankings package.