Frequently Asked Questions


Which search engines do you optimize for?

We optimize for the major search engines ... Google, Yahoo! and MSN (Bing). Optimizing your website for Google gets the main focus since over 80% of online searches are conducted through them. Most of the remaining searches go through both Yahoo and MSN, who have recently joined forces in an attempt to better compete against the much more dominant Google. The remaining % of searches go through numerous other search engines including Ask, AOL, AltaVista and others. If your site ranks well in the top 3 search engines it is generally the case that you will be placed well in these other search engines also.  

Do you provide reporting on my site's performance for only Google, Yahoo, and MSN?
Our reports will normally be on those three search engines because they are so dominant. If, however, you have a special need to have reports from other search engines we can discuss those needs and associated reports with you.

Can you guarantee positions for my site with your SEO services?
No. It is not possible to guarantee specific positions with SEO. It must be kept in mind that we are dealing with machines that have algorithms that are in constant evolution. In addition, the search engine companies are in an extremely competitive market and don't reveal everything about their algorithms, or when they make changes to them. Also, on the search end of the spectrum there is ever changing competition for the many variations of keywords and keyword phrases. We will, however, guarantee that we will provide you with the best SEO services we are capable of providing.

Why does my business need a social media focus?

Over 200 million people use social media to find products and services. Facebook has 54.5 million monthly unique visitors, says Comscore, with a growth rate in the U.S. that averaged 3.8% per month over the last year. Source, Comscore via Techncrunch, Jan 13, 2009. According to Compete, the growth rate for Twitter was 752%, for a total of 4.43 million unique visitors in December 2008. In the start of 2008, Twitter had only around 500,000 unique monthly visitors. Source: Mashable/Compete, Jan 9, 2009. For the forseeable future this audience will continue to grow and your business will benefit from this exposure by connecting with this growing audience.

I have personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter, is there a big difference when representing a business?

Your personal accounts are likely geared more towards sharing information with your friends and family. A business social media strategy encompasses the promotion of your products and services to new and existing customers. While you do want your customers to get to know you and your business on somewhat of a personal level, it's important to remember that your services and products are the focus. This effort builds positive relationships to increase sales.

Can you take care of most of the copywriting for my Blog?

Yes, we will need to interact with you on a regular basis to obtain the right content material to represent your business accurately, then we'll take care of the writing and posting of your articles.

I've tried Direct Mail and Circulars for years, why is Social Media a better way for me to gain exposure for my business?

Direct Mail and Circulars can be very expensive for your business due to printing and distribution costs, and they can be ineffective due to many customers not reading them. Essentially, the money you are spending ends up in their trash cans. With Social Media, you are connecting with others online and not utilizing mailed paper media. People are more likely to read and remember who you are since the majority of consumers in the United States spend a considerable amount of their time online.

How much time a day will you spend managing my business account for a Social Media Strategy?

That depends on the size of your business and what social media aspects you decide are the most important for growth and customer relationships. As an example, we typically spend 2 hours a day on a cutomer's Twitter account. This time is not only spent posting messages but research is done to find Followers based on demographics and finding information to add. We strive to find interesting information related to your products and services that a social media audience would be interested in reading..

Does the structure of my website have any impact on how well search engine optimization will work?

Yes, it is possible that the website structure will need to be modified to enhance SEO. If this is necessary, we will assist you and whoever maintains your site to make the necessary changes.

What type of reporting will you provide?

We provide monthly reporting on all of our efforts with graphical representations of SEO improvements and increased social media attention. If we receive any product or service complaints we will provide separate reporting via email immediately so you can make necessary changes to improve your business.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our rates depend on the project. We are flexible in that we can work on either a fixed cost for a given project basis, or we can work on an hourly rate basis. We offer an initial free consultation in order for you to get an idea of what it would cost to accomplish your goals, with a follow up written quote to cover those services you are interested in.

The company who does my Direct Mailings provides SEO / SEM services, why should I engage you in this effort?

Many print advertising vendors are trying to diversify in order to stay in business. As the shift from print to online advertising continues, it is very likely that some will eventually abandon print entirely. In addition, when a print vendor takes on an SEO / SEM project, their focus is also on print advertising; and they still have considerable overhead costs consisting of print designers, expensive office space and printing equipment. When you pay them for services, print or online, they have to pass these costs on to you. We, however, focus our energies solely on SEO / SEM and Social Media Marketing efforts, therefore our overhead costs are lower.

Do you offer Small Business Starter Websites?

We can provide website development services to create a simple but effective website presence for your small business.  If you don't already have a website presence and your funds are limited, this service can put you on the map tying in SEO and Social Media for a complete package.