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Over 30 years of experience.

We're not trying to age ourselves but we've been there, done that and learned a lot from the experiences.
Pete Jett

Pete Jett has built and run several successful manufacturing operations, most recently a canoe and kayak operation that began as a dream by several canoe and kayak paddling friends and turned it into a multi-million dollar business.


Who is Jett Advertising?

Jett Advertising was founded and is managed by Pete Jett.  Pete brings decades of small business experience and affiliate marketing with him having been involved with several successful start up companies as well as currently managing his on line web properties, which is how he was introduced to SEO, SEM, and other Internet Marketing Strategies.

One of the better known companies that Pete is very proud of is Dagger Canoe Company that he started with three other paddlers, and which is now an international corporation with licensed manufacturing plants around the world.  Initially he was in charge of setting up all plastics manufacturing for the company, setting up both the canoe and the kayak production operations, designing and building production equipment, and implementing what were at the time innovative ideas such as molded in graphics and multicolored kayaks, now common in the industry.

In the final few years before selling Dagger Canoes, Pete served as Vice President of International Sales driving phenomenal growth and capturing market share for the company before being approached and bought out by a large investor. 

Having studied Forestry and Park Management while at Clemson University in SC, and also having worked with the National Park Service for a number of years, Pete has a strong lean towards sustainable living practices, protecting the environment, and working with businesses that encompass a similar mindset.

As of Early 2011, Pete is continuing to work with many local and national companies on their SEO and SEM needs, as well as strengthing his numerous web properties.

As Jett Advertising has grown it has established close relationships with other experts in various new media marketing techniques and strategies. These specialists are brought in to assist when needed to achieve our clients marketing goals depending on their requirements and budgets.