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SEO Consulting & SEM

Trying to make sense of SEO, SEM, Optimizing your website for Google and other search engines as well as the most effective internet marketing strategies and techniques that work the best now to get you targeted buying customers?

Whether in Spokane, WA, or wherever your business is located, that's where our website marketing, and 'seo consulting' can help.

We offer a free phone consultation to give you our impressions of how your business fares online now.

Then if it looks like we can help you with our internet marketing services we schedule a face to face consultation with your business to assess your overall current online marketing plan and efforts.

We help determine the strengths & weaknesses in your online efforts.

Then we come up with a strategic plan and proposal that fits your budget to get you the results you need.

We Don't Do Cookie Cutter Proposals

Although local businesses face many of the same issues, every one, even in the same niche is unique. Only with a thorough analysis can we know in order to give you the results you desire.

We would appreciate that opportunity to talk with you about your business.

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SEO Isn't What It Used To Be

Not by a long shot. Google hammered much of the online world shaking it to it's core in early 2012 with it's algorithm updates.

What worked for years doesn't work any more.

Your onsite factors that Google liked? Changed.

The offsite factors? Different there too.

So, what works? It's no secret, but one of the most important off site factors that they really love (this year) is not hundreds or thousands of low quality links, but fewer, higher PR links from relevant sites. And they like consistency of social factors.

As for all of that "fresh content" that takes seemingly endless hours and expense to produce to make your site relevent to Google so they will rank you?

Not so much really, at least in some niches. Want to know more? Contact Us.

Social Media Marketing is a gift that should not be ignored

+ Custom Strategies

Social Media

Google is now factoring in social signals as a very important factor in organic rankings on their search results. So, if you want to make it in to the top spots, you need a presence of some sort, even if you are on a limited budget.

We have some helpful info on our Social Media Marketing page, especially if you need to learn some of the basics.

If you are prepared to dominate your local market, we can help there too as we have partnered with one of the top social media agencies in the U.S. to bring you Top Shelf results.

If you demand the best in your social media marketing you can learn about our partnership at Spokane Social Media.

Mobile Websites

- The world is going mobile. Is your website ready? Don't be left behind your competitors on this one or you will regret it.

Learn how we can help you make the transition painlessly at Spokane Mobile Marketing.

Google Plus Local

Let's face it Google is the big boy in the internet search world and their Google Plus Local (Maps) area is the place to be if you have a local business.

With a Great track record of getting local clients top spots, we can help you also. To find out where your business stands now get your free custom ranking report below.

Free Custom Reports on Your Business

Your Local Reputation

Do You Know What People Are Saying about You?

The reputation of your businesse is everything and is the foundation for any business that is successful in the long term. At least that is what those that buy your products and services think.

If you haven't caught on yet as to how much your online reputation means to the success of your business, you need to... and fast.

Search results are going social and your on line reviews are getting displayed more and more prominantly.

Click this link to find out how your business is seen online, and to get a custom reputation report that will be generated by scraping the web to learn what your customers are saying about you.

Your Local Rankings

Do You Know How Your Business Ranks Locally?

To find out how your business is faring right now get your free ranking report right here.


Combining Current Internet Marketing Techniques for Winning Results

= Business Success

Let's face it, things are pretty tough in the economy at the moment, and uncertain at best.

To succeed as a company in these times where every dollar counts, you need to evaluate where you are now and where you want to be so you can establish a plan of action..

It may even help to get a candid look at your situation with a fresh set of eyes, ones that have helped to build multi million dollar businesses from scratch like we have.

You need to really know your strengths and your weaknesses so you know where to concentrate your efforts and where to seek help.

Then you need to find reliable trusted 'partners' to help you meet your goals.

We Stay Up on the Changes So You Can Concentrate On Your Business

That is why we concentrate on constantly learning and staying up on new methods and technologies... the methods that are working for businesses today, not yesterday or last year.

And, like you, we know that sometimes we need help, so we partner with select specialist to provide the best services for the best prices so that you get a great ROI.

New Technologies & Devices. The Change is Constant.

Today people are flocking to the web to search for information on devices that didn't exist just a few years ago.

They go online to share ideas, to see what is new or popular, and to rate, review, and comment on things... which establishes the reputations of businesses.

And of course... they go there to shop around and buy. They want their need for information filled now. Not in an hour, but at the time they are looking, especially if they are on a mobile device..

If you are not found in the places they are looking, you will not be considered. You need to be found everywhere. We can help.

If when they find you, they find that you have bad reviews, they will likely go to one of your competitors that has better user experiences. So, whether you have a bad reputation & need to find out how to repair it, we can help. If you have no reputation we can help too.

And if you have a great reputation, but want it to be dominant for your local niche. No problem. We've got the techniques and training to help take your staff to the next level so your customers can be turned into raving fans.


By understanding and tapping into these trends in technology, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Reputation Marketing, we can help your company get found and get your targeted traffic.

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Why SEO and SEM are so important to your business

Simply because your website needs to rank high in the search engines in order to be found.

Over 80% of people using the internet start their search through a SE. Unless you are on the first page of search results for a given keyword phrase, more than 60% of Internet users will not find you.

It is through the combined implementation of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing that you capture that high web visibility to get both quantity and quality traffic to your website.

Any Website that wants quality target traffic needs both SEO and SEM. These are key tools to utilize in todays internet world.

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We offer comprehensive solutions

We offer cost effective Search Engine Marketing & Optimization, SEO Consulting, Reputation Marketing, Social Media and other Internet Marketing Strategies as part of our Website Marketing services to grow your business.

Your business is unique from others and needs to be looked at as such. But, like any web business it needs SEO, SEM and other web marketing strategies to achieve good web visibility.

It is our business to stay abreast of and utilize cost effective methods for tapping into current trends to help you grow your business. We offer a free initial consultation where we will learn about your business and discuss alternatives on how to get you the targeted customers you need.

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Jett Advertising's SEO Consulting can grow your business in a tough economy

Limited funds to grow your business?

Advertising is a necessity for any business. Moving your marketing strategy to web based advertising will provide the best value for your dollar and reach the largest targeted audience.

Mobile Websites, Reputation Marketing and Management, Social Media, SEM, and SEO provide effective methods to aquire and build relationships with customers. It all starts with a proper evaluation of your current website and internet marketing strategies that you currently employ. Contact us for your SEM & SEO Consulting, and to learn how our Website and Search Engine Marketing services can help your business prosper.

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